Counseling & Training

Working in highly recommended restaurants and wine bars, was the major part of my career. This gave me the opportunity to explore many different styles of cooking. Collaborating with renowned chefs I gained experience in gastronomy trends following the deep understanding of taste. The so unique key point, to create the ideal wine list. Having upgraded skills then, I was ready to manage and select every single bottle, either for a fine-dining-cellar, or a “funky” by-the-glass list.

A wine list must be functional, sustainable and above all with character, whether it is compact & alternating, or it is sophisticated & stable. It must features the diversity that the consumer is looking for in order to differentiate you between professionals. For those who want to offer a complete tasting experience to their customers, give highlight to the wine sector of your business.

The goal of Wine Between Us is to take care much more than just creating a wine list. Taking under consideration specific elements, such as menu, place structure, as well as the oriented clientele, we provide the following:

  • Inventory
  • Costing
  • Cellar management
  • Wine list creation or upgrade of the existing
  • Staff training sessions (service, W&F matching etc.)
  • Search and equipment selection (Glasses, Maintenance Systems, Accessories, etc.)
  • Wine & food events

For all above and many more related to wine and taste generally, contact us to design a custom-fitted program for your needs.