Easter wine & food. What’s your ideal pairing?

Complete tips from a foodie to have great Easter times

The most traditional celebration of Greece will take place within city walls for another year. For those of us, less fortunate, this is certainly not a problem since there is alternative solution to rooftop, veranda and anywhere else we can set up a spit.

We prepared a short list, with 5 + 1 tips for the dishes of Easter Sunday, in order to avoid the worries of these days. One thing is for sure, that it will be enjoyable even if we don’t go to our favorite destinations.

Pies with aromatic spring herbs:

Necessary while the grill meat is being prepared. Look for intensely herbal whites such as a dry Muscat or a Malvasia Aromatica. Alternatively try a gifted, with complexity Orange wine, from an aromatic variety.


If you are dizzy from hot spit turning, it’s time for a cold glass of wine and a fancy salad. Plenty of ingredients and recipes, while even more the combinations to choose for. Select lively wines with acidity as the aim here is freshness. A mountainous Roditis, an explosive Sicilian or any Provence style rosé will meet the challenge.

Lamb – Goat on the spit and / or in the oven:

If you are a by-the-book type of person, make the safe choice with a Xinomavro or blend like a Goumenissa but also a well-structured Aglianico for the most initiated. Whether you belong to daring ones who match them with white (like the signatory), try a full bodied wine with complexity and sufficient acidity, such as Zakynthino, a five-year-old Santorini or even a barrel ageing Rioja.


Even if oven-baked, its strong spicy and rustic profile, hungers for a rich but juicy red to bring overall balance. A fresh dry Mavrodafni, a Limniona, or a young Touriga will carry out this task.

Easter sweet bread in syrup stuffed with cream:

Pick an excessively but relative in acidity slightly aged Muscat, or a sweet Vouvray to close in epic manner the Easter food.

Extra tip: Considering it is hard to avoid snacking while preparing the above, fill your glasses with a dry sparkling or a smooth Retsina for spreads, eggs and anything else that whets your appetite.