Hatzidakis Winery Goes Vegan

A Vegan Friendly Santorini

The Hatzidaki family winery is one of the pioneers who designed and implemented low intervention practices and the Vegan / Vegetarian certification was the next step in the evolution of the estate’s wines.

The importance of certification

Very few wineries in our country are Vegan / Vegetarian certified. A process that particularly delights the vegetarian community, allow those who belong to it to have access to products of non-animal provenance. Practically this means that no substance of animal origin is used, at any stage of the production process and especially in that of clarification. It should be noted here that in some wineries the specific phase of winemaking is completely bypassed. They follow alternative methods that, after the relevant checks, will allow them to bear the specific certification mark on the label.

But how clarification is achieved?

From the first steps of the winery’s operation, they apply organic protocol always respecting the land. Dedicated to the raw material, they use indigenous yeasts and do bottling without filtration. Therefore formulations such as egg albumin, casein and gelatin obviously could not have a place in future winemaking. Thus an extended duration of stabilization in the tank, at particularly low temperatures, comes to seal the result to achieve the above process.

Therefore, regardless of eating habits and the taste preferences of people, Hatzidakis family gives the opportunity to a growing category of consumers to enjoy their creations.

We officially welcome Hatzidakis winery to the domestic Vegan Society