Natural wines! How real are they?

It seems that more and more consumers are seeking and trying everything new from the most talked-about scene in the world of wine. But I realize that you have the same query as the signatory, since until recently it wasn’t officially clear, even in bibliography, who and what exactly defines a wine as natural.

Are low interventions the next global trend in the Wine World?

In the above case we are not dealing with fashions and styles, but with a phenomenon that may indicate a return to the past. Let me remind you here that the specific philosophy of “natural winemaking” has deep roots in Slovenia and Georgia who held the flag high with excellent samples to try. Of course, they have not been highly acclaimed and were lost in time, either because they were “few against many”, or because their strange taste profile concerned specific palates.

But what happens when the “natural” phenomenon takes shape?

It took a decade of patience, with wine producers insist on a vested framework for defining this category. The French Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with INAO (Institute National des Appellations d’Origin) gave the “green light” to be certified and officially recognized as “Vin Methode Nature” (VmN). In order for a wine to categorize as natural (according to recent regulations) the following required: certified organic or biodynamic cultivation, manual harvesting and use of indigenous yeasts.

Among those mentioned in the protocol, particular emphasis is given to sulfites which should either be zero or have a maximum of 30 mg/l and only before bottling. Therefore, they are defined as VmN sans sulfites ajoutés and VmN <30 mg/l de sulfites ajoutés respectively. Finally, it is worth noting that the whole process will be re-evaluated in the near future after a three-year trial period.

Many dared to, but they didn’t get the desired result.

Don’t forget that the practices and the production methods that are followed often have a certain risk for the final result in our glass. But those who faithfully walk this difficult path, their choice justified them and receive the recognition they deserve.

So don’t be hesitant about choosing natural wines. Sometimes they may be appeared a little blurry, or may need a little more time. Consult, try and enjoy!

The only sure thing is that they express a different approach and seal inside them a part of creator’s soul and history.