Wines to choose for Clean Monday!

A day dedicated to seafood snacking. In the wake of Swan Thursday, we safely approach this year on Clean Monday. Leaving behind us all the sinful habits of the previous days we move forward to open the Lent period.

Given that we must forget what we knew i.e., a table with food treasures by the sea etc, it’s time to roll up our sleeves…

In our “luggage”, the relaxation of the day and our spring mood will take care of all the consequences. Relaxing, is rather an exception for anyone who will undertake the sacred duty of searching for the good raw material, but also for the one who’ll take care to feed them all. In the case that same person also takes over the wine, then the situation is being complicated and becomes more enjoyable.

Let’s make things easier so that you don’t have nightmares for two days because of anxiety. After all, this is the goal of this article since we have been in relaxing mood. Whatever you choose from the seabed, surely you’ll find plenty of options to ensure a perfect result. Below are some suggestions/ideas that will help tame of these multi-collection dishes.

Some people say that if you have fish roe spread, stuffed vine leaves and freshly baked flatbread, you’re the happiest in the world. Some others prefer to prepare an endless table. Whatever your style is, get ideas from the following and find the ideal wine no matter what you are going to prepare for this occasion.

Fine fish roe spread. A perfect case for Retsina. The majority of this style will tame of the rustic taste of seafood eggs. An Orange wine or a Manzanilla Sherry will be an alternative choice for the most initiated.

Raw shells and clams variety. The point here is the high acidity, which will balance their iodine feeling next to a brut traditional method sparkling. First choice is the excellent local bottles to try, but also those from Loire valley. For cosmopolitans there is always the option of Champagne.

Squids and/or shrimps tempura. All time classic treat. The characteristic oiliness of the frying requires, beyond a classic and relatively light Assyrtiko, a fine Robola or an Albarino (if you can find any) to balance the greasy sensation.

Big grilled squid. Necessary condition is to be about a kilo of each one to enjoy it with your soul. A fragrant, with a sweet touch olive oil (extra virgin for sure), lemon and freshly ground pepper is an ode to sea flavor. A lemony and salty Santorini, a top-notch Vouvray or a white Etna are capable to offer memorable moments.

What about rose wines?? Obviously they deserve a place at this table. Seafood cooked with or without pasta in light tomato sauces will work perfectly with well-structured ripe rosé including fulfilling acidity. Aged Xinomavro, Limniona and Syrah-blend are some of the options. 

Special Occasion: For the wealthy ones, who will prefer to throw instead of a kite, the unique tasty shellfish (including scorpion fish) on the grill, the choice of a rich white with intricate oak is an absolute must. A Zakynthino or a 3-year-old Nykteri, a 1er Cru Burgundy or a first-class Pinot Bianco will give a stylish touch to this tasteful frame.

Extra Tip #1: The rawer the material the more acidity and freshness is needed.

Extra Tip #2: For the unrepentant spirit drinkers there are highly acclaimed grape spirits and ouzo.